Micro-PhlebectomyMicro-phlebectomy is one of many of the minimally invasive, office based varicose vein treatment options in Washington DC. During this treatment, the physician makes tiny incisions or punctures in the skin (typically one or two millimeters long) just above the problem vein. Through these openings, the doctor uses a very fine tool, similar to a crochet hook, to grasp the affected vein and remove portions of the vein itself. This technique is significantly different from and less invasive than vein stripping surgery and should not be confused with that procedure.

Micro-phlebectomy is often performed following an endovenous radiofrequency or laser therapy procedure to remove any remaining large surface varicose or spider veins left behind after the underlying unhealthy vein is closed. This procedure can help improve the appearance of unwanted visible varicosities and reduce or eliminate bothersome symptoms, while preventing the progression of underlying venous disease.

This procedure is performed by a vein expert in the Washington DC metro area under a local anesthetic to ensure a pain-free experience. Because of its minimally invasive nature, micro-phlebectomy leaves no scarring and does not require sutures or stitches. There is also no need for a hospital stay, as they procedure lasts a mere hour or less and does not carry the health risks associated with general sedation and invasive open surgery.

Once the procedure is complete, patients are generally advised to wear compression bandages or compression stockings for 10-14 days to encourage blood flow in the legs and ankles and support upkeep of the treatment. Patients are able and encouraged to walk around almost immediately following the procedure and can return to normal activity in just a few days.