Technology Driven

Cardiac Associates is a technology driven 21st Century vein clinic in the Washington DC metro area. As such, we value the importance of keeping up-to-date with the latest research and technological advancements entering the field of venous disease today.

A crucial element in the expansion of phlebology (the study of veins) and vein disease treatment in Washington DC is featuring technology into the practice setting, most notably the arrival of the Duplex ultrasound. Today, Washington DC vein specialists are more accurately able to detect the root cause of vein problems than ever before. This is why our modern facility includes advanced equipment such as Duplex ultrasound when diagnosing vein disease, as well as radiofrequency and laser devices, to deliver some of the most medically advanced vein treatments available today.

As a top vein center in Montgomery County, we use the latest in local anesthetics to ensure patients are comfortable during treatment without the need for risky general anesthesia. In fact, some of our procedures, such as ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy do not require anesthesia at all. Even the most complicated of our treatments, such as endovenous laser treatment, utilizes technological advancements that leave little to no discomfort during or after the procedure and allow patients to return to regular activity often on the same day.

When performing procedures that work to treat underlying venous disease as well as improve the appearance of problem veins, we may recommend multiple treatments to tackle veins of all sizes. For example, a patient with visible spider veins may need sclerotherapy to get rid of the surface capillaries and radiofrequency ablation (EVLA) to treat the underlying varicose vein from which the spider veins developed.

At Cardiac Associates Venous Health Center, we are dedicated to delivering the most advanced and effective modern technologies available today. Experience this commitment by making an appointment today.