Conservative Treatment

Vein Expert in Washington DC Helps Improve Your Quality of Life

Conservative treatments are those that help reduce the symptoms of spider and varicose veins, while limiting the progress of the underlying vein disease. This type of treatment does not involve surgery. Instead, conservative treatment acts to promote circulation by non-invasive means.

Supportive measures are usually recommended by a vein expert in Washington DC metro area regardless of the cause and anatomy of varicose or spider veins. Supportive measures can include:

  • Elastic Compression StockingsElastic Compression Stockings: Although compression stockings do not treat the underlying cause of the vein disease, they often provide relief from its symptoms by preventing blood from pooling in the leg veins, thereby helping overall circulation. Compression stockings also increase the long-term effectiveness of all vein treatments. This is why your vein removal doctor in Washington DC may prescribe them following your treatment. It is best to wear prescription strength stockings that are labeled “Graduated Compression” as they will greatly help to improve some of your symptoms and help to keep them from worsening.
  • Exercise: Exercise is a good idea for most people, but walking, aerobics, swimming and other activities performed for at least 30 minutes on 3-5 days each week will help to reduce your symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency. Physical activity helps strengthen the muscles that contract and help pump blood out of the lower body, thereby promoting improved circulation.
  • Other supportive measures include: leg elevation to help drain the fluids out of the legs and ankles; moisturizing lotion to prevent dryness in your legs, and maintaining a proper weight or losing weight if you are overweight or obese.

Conservative treatments like compression stockings are often prescribed to manage your symptoms. They won’t diminish the appearance of bulging or discolored veins. There are a variety of other office based, minimally invasive treatments offered at a vein clinic in Washington DC metro area that may actually treat the underlying veins that cause varicose or spider veins, improve quality of life and potentially halt the progression of chronic venous insufficiency.