Doppler Venous Ultrasound

Doppler Venous UltrasoundAt Venous Health Centers, our experienced and knowledgeable vein doctor and staff will perform venous ultrasound at our prestigious ICAVL accredited vascular lab.

Venous Doppler is a specialized non invasive, painless ultrasound exam that evaluates the vein throughout the legs in order to determine the cause and extent of varicose veins, as well as directing the treatment strategy of the unhealthy veins, and identify blood clots and other abnormalities within the veins.

During the venous Doppler ultrasound, a clear gel is applied to the skin and a transducer is moved back and forth against the skin to obtain the images of internal venous structures in the legs. Doppler ultrasound is performed typically in less than 30 minutes.

Based on the your Doppler venous ultrasound, the vein specialist at Venous Health Centers will recommend the treatment option that best suits your specific concerns and desired outcomes.